Summit Joint Performance

Summit PerformanceSummit Joint Performance can help put you and your horse or dog back on track to view the world from the SUMMIT.

My vet told me about Summit Joint Performance and my jumpers are more comfortable and jump cleaner.  Top riders use Summit on their FEI horses for a reason, the results.  Stress on a horses body isn’t limited to jumpers, cutters and reiners  also put stress on their bodies.

Kim LeslieAfter lots of research I am hooked.  It is FEI compliant and an IM shot, so I didn’t have to worry about whether they were actually getting it in their feed.

Thank you, Summit Joint Performance, for helping my horses stay healthy, happy, comfortable, and performance ready!


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Summit Joint Performance®
Summit Joint Performance

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Summit Performance

Summit Rep: Kim Leslie – 352-214-3730
Summit Joint Performance