cowhorse TRAINER: Jimmy Stickler

NRCHA & AQHA Champion

Stickler Performance Horses

“If you get 1% a day from a horse, in 100 days you will have a 100% better horse. That’s the best advice that I’ve gotten and the best that I can give.”

Stickler Performance Horses specializes in working cowhorse, reining, cutting, roping and ranch horses. They focus on training for the public, and giving lessons, with their work leading them to Quarter Horse Shows (AQHA), as well as NRCHA and NRHA events.

Training horses however isn’t a linear profession as there’s always a learning curve.

“It’s a learning process, and parts of it have changed because the sport has become so refined, and you have to be so much more perfect.

Working Cowhorse is three to four events. It used to be, if you could just be good at one of the three you’d do pretty well. Now you have to be spot on in all three events.  The event has come a long way and it’s going to go farther and become more challenging.

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Stickler Performance Horses – San Luis Obispo, CA
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