cowhorse TRAINER: Jason Grimshaw

Jason Grimshaw
Jason Grimshaw

Multiple World Champion

Grimshaw Training Stables

Jason Grimshaw show highlights: Lifetime earnings in excess of $250,000
Trainer of 9 World or Reserve World Champions
Trainer of 18 National or Reserve Titles

Jason says horses learn by repetition, so the more you can practice warmup exercises at home, the more solid the horse is at the show. When there is a problem, the foundation you build at home is good to fall back on.

“I train my horses at home as I would ride them at a horse show. If I ride a horse for an hour, chances are it’s going to take two hours to ride her at the show because everything is different. I try to have several warmup exercises that I do at home, so when we get to the show, the horses are familiar with the routine.”

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