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Got Cow Horse? cowhorse CLINICS

Cow horse Clinics are designed to help you and your horse learn by doing.

Learn world champion horse training strategies first-hand. From beginning through advanced skill levels benefit from clinics. Here’s the chance to advance your horsemanship and cattle handling skills through practical hands-on experience.

All that matters is your desire to learn.

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2019 cowhorse CLINIC schedule

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Sandy Collier

SAndy Collierupcoming schedule:

2/8-10/2019 Phoenix AZ Art of the Cowgirl
4/11-14/2019 Equine Affaire, Columbus, Ohio

To attend or host a clinic, please send Sandy an email at

Sandy Collier on Got Cow Horse?
Sandy Collier Training on facebook.

Sandy Collier Training – Santa Maria, CA
Sandy Collier – 805-350-1869

Be Unstoppable

Be Unstoppable
Sandy Collier and Barb Schulte’s High Performance Clinics feature an in depth mental skills workshop in addition to working on technical riding skills. The perfect combination of skill sets for Reined Cowhorse, SHOT, Versatility Ranch Horse and cutters.
BArb and Sandy
Our unique Be Unstoppable approach considers all of the elements of riding; technical skills mental skills and most importantly, what riding means to you personally.

2019 High Performance Clinic schedule:
2/20-22/2019 at Rancho de los Caballeros, Wickenberg, AZ (just prior to Cowgirl Cadillacs horse sale)
4/1-4/2019 at the V6 Ranch, Parkfield, CA
5/9-11/2019 at Nueces Arena, Brenham TX
8/13-15/2019 Jackpot Ranch, Valley Verde, AZ
10/1-3/2019 Brasada Ranch, Powell Butte OR
Women’s only retreat 11/7-10/2019 Red Cliffs Lodge, Moab, UT

Be Unstoppable on facebook

Be Unstoppable
Barbra Schulte and Sandy Collier
979-277- 9344

Got Cow Horse? cowhorse CLINICS

Why a cowhorse clinic?

Clinic participants will have the opportunity to develop a deeper level of two-way communication that can be taken in any direction. Understanding is the foundation of all true horsemanship and any discipline is welcome. Riders will go home with new insights and helpful exercises, whatever their chosen pursuit.

Don’t know what type of clinic would help you the most?
Cowhorse Clinics focus on various aspects of the western performance spectrum, with reining, showmanship, working cow horse, and young horses/young riders.

Horsemanship classes serve as the foundation for advancement and are designed to help develop a stronger horse human partnership regardless of the rider’s discipline or experience.

Cow working classes are geared towards riders ready to start their horse on cattle, or to further advance a horse already working cattle. Riders learn about position, timing, pressure points and how to utilize their horsemanship skills to track, sort and cut cattle. The emphasis is on horse and rider teamwork, developing a horse that truly wants to work a cow and on using low-stress livestock handling techniques that pay off on the ranch and in the show ring.

Cow horse clinics are excellent opportunity for someone whose horse has never been around a cow to get off to a good start. It’s also a good place to start if you are a rider who has never been around cattle or hasn’t worked cattle horseback very often.

Got Cow Horse

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