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Southwest Cowhorse Trainers

NRCHA Southwest Region: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and New Mexico

California Cowhorse Trainers

Lyn Anderson
Monica Caetano Performance Horses
Monica Caetano
Brendon Clark Performance Horsemanship
Brendon Clark
Sandy Collier Training
Sandy Collier
Ron Emmons Show Horses
Ron Emmons
Encore Performance Horses
Sunni McCormick
Gorrell Performance Horses
Jake Gorrell
Johnston Performance Horses
Lance Johnston
Mankins Performance Horses
Travis Mankins
Ed Robertson Performance Horses
Ed Robertson
Robinson Performance Horses
Tucker and Tina Tucker
Brandon Staebler Training
Brandon Staebler
Stickler Performance Horses
Jimmy Stickler
Wilhite Performance Horses
Tish Wilhite
Ken Wold Training Stables
Ken Wold
Justin Wright Performance Horses
Justin Wright

Arizona Cowhorse Trainers

Corey Cushing Performance Horses
Corey Cushing
Grimshaw Training Stables
Jason Grimshaw
G2 Performance Horses
Grant Lindaman
Parkinson Performance Horses
Shad Parkinson
Phillips Performance Horses
Kelby Phillips
Stallings Cowhorses
Kevin Stallings

Northwest Cowhorse Trainers

NRCHA Northwest Region: Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Washington

Frederick Performance Horses
Matt Frederick
Monte Bruce Training Center
Monte Bruce
Russ Elrod Cutting Horses
Russ Elrod
Zane Davis Performance Horses
Zane Davis
Luke Jones Performance Horses
Luke Jones
Ash Performance Horses
Ashley Peterson
Roeser Ranch
Dan Roeser

South Central Cowhorse Trainers

NRCHA South Central Region: Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas

Texas Cowhorse Trainers

Aaron Brookshire Cowhorses
Aaron Brookshire
Chown Quarter Horses
Robert Chown
Dawson Performance Horses
Chris & Sarah Dawson
Clayton Edsall Cow Horses
Clayton Edsall
Hays Ranch
Shawn Hays
RS Performance Horses
Robert Smith
Volmer Cutting & Reined Cow Horses
Clay Volmer

Oklahoma Cowhorse Trainers

Todd Crawford Performance Horses
Todd Crawford
Deacon Equine
Lee & Ashley Deacon
Dilday Ranch
Russell Dilday
Bobby Lewis Quarter Horses
Bobby Lewis
Mark Luis Training Stables
Mark Luis
Taormino Performance Horses
Anthony and Erin Taormino

North Central Cowhorse Trainer

NRCHA North Central Region: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota

Colorado Cowhorse Trainers

LA Performance Horses
Lavert Avent
J & J Cook Performance Horses
Jim & Jill Cook
Crawford Quarter Horses
Ryan Crawford
Dillman Performance Horses
Dave Dillman
Darren Miller Stables
Darren Miller
Ralston Ranch
Aaron Ralston

Kansas Cowhorse Trainers

Laubscher Performance Horses
EJ Laubscher
Brad Lund Performance Horses
Brad Lund

Canadian Cowhorse Trainers

NRCHA Canadian Region: Canadian Provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia

Bilyea Performance Horse
Darren Bilyea
Colter Schlosser Performance Horses
Colter Schlosser
Clint Swales Performance Horses
Clint Swales
Lee Poncelet Performance Horses
Lee Poncelet
Cayley Wilson Performance Horses
Cayley Wilson

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Performance Horse TRAINERS combine integrity and dedication with a strong work ethic and attitude to help clients and horses succeed in the practice and show pen. Cowhorse trainers specialize in training and showing horses in Cutting and Working Cowhorse events.

Working Cowhorse TRAINERS specialize in training reined cow horses, cutting horses, rope horses, or/and team penning horses. The FUTURITY, whether it is cutting, reining, reined cow horse or now barrel racing, is the gold standard for each discipline. There is where the similarities start and stop. Starting a horse for roping, cutting or any other discipline, takes the same methods. Building a solid foundation on the horse, before introducing anything specific to a discipline.

Traditional Reined Cow Horse TRAINERS follow a strict regime that starts with developing two year olds in the snaffle bit. As 4 and 5 year olds, the horse move on to the hackamore. The next step in the process is to move the horse into the two-rein class as a 6 year old. As a 7 year old, the horse moves to the bridle, where it is shown one handed and is considered fully trained.

Cutting Horse TRAINERS Cutting trained horses are taught to wait for the cow to move, and when the cow moves, the horse should draw back and turn with the cow. Cutting is very simple: separate one cow from a herd, drive it to the middle of the arena and hold it there.