cowhorse TRAINER: Cayley Wilson

NRCHA Champion

Cayley Wilson Performance Horses

Cayley Wilson, an NRCHA and NCHA Competitor and Judge has a passion for training horses.

Cayley Wilson‘s training emphasizes a strong two year old program which progresses them into their aged event years. If they have a strong foundation from day one, then you spend less time fixing any bad habits they may have learned along the way.  Starting colts as early two year olds and they’re first training experiences are tremendously important. Cayley feels they step up with more ease having only been taught what he is asking of them. “You have to walk before you can run”, and by using this method of training we find it builds the most confidence and consistency for a solid, finished horse.

Cayley recognizes the importance for continual growth and learning both for himself and his team. It takes an open mind and an eagerness to blend new techniques with his own for continued success. “Each horse is an individual, so not every method works for every horse.” The same is true for his Non-Pro riders, who at times need different strategies to achieve their own personal goals.

Cayley has also had great success in the sale pen, and has earned a name with his fellow trainers for bringing well broke prospects to the Futurities each year to sell. These colts that Cayley trains are consistently in the top 5 selling horses, making them great investments for his clients.

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