non pro horses

Non Pro Horse for sale

The rider is a Non Pro (This division is open to individuals 19 years of age or older and would not be considered a professional). The horse must be able to pack a Non Pro rider.

A Non Pro member is a non-professional rider. Non-Pro’s must not accept remuneration (money, prizes, etc.) for riding, driving, showing in halter, schooling, training, conducting clinics or seminars, instructing in equitation or showmanship classes, horse training, or judging.

Wreckless Rey

2011 Wreckless Rey

Wreckless Rey – $55,000 2011 AQHA bay gelding GRITTY Open, Non Pro OR Youth Bridle Horse! Wreckless Rey – $55,000...

SLN Purrfecto

2015 SLN Purrfecto

SLN Purrfecto – $30,000 2015 AQHA palomino gelding Good Looking Shining Lil Nic gelding! SLN Purrfecto – $30,0002015 AQHA palomino...

Shinee Hot Wheels

2010 Shinee Hot Wheels

Shinee Hot Wheels – SOLD 2010 AQHA bay gelding GREAT Money Earning Non Pro Bridle Horse! Shinee Hot Wheels –...

Mademoiselle SevenL

2019 Mademoiselle SevenL

Mademoiselle SevenL – $30,000 2019 AQHA sorrel mare Well Bred Non Pro/Youth Prospect! Mademoiselle SevenL – $30,000 2019 AQHA sorrel...

Bet Hes Cajun

2019 Bet Hes Cajun

Bet Hes Cajun – $26,500 2019 AQHA chestnut gelding Big, strong, stylish prospect gelding with a GREAT mind! Bet Hes...

CP Metallic Dual

2018 CP Metallic Dual

CP Metallic Dual – SOLD! 2018 AQHA sorrel gelding Metallic Cat Derby Horse Deluxe! CP Metallic Dual – SOLD!2018 AQHA...

Ima Wild Feline

2012 Ima Wild Feline

Ima Wild Feline – $32,500 2012 AQHA bay mare SAFE beginner to intermediate Non Pro cow horse! Ima Wild Feline...

Hypnotic Hangten

2015 Hypnotic Hangten

Hypnotic Hangten – $35,000 2015 AQHA bay gelding GREAT, Good Looking Limited Open or Non Pro horse! Hypnotic Hangten –...

Time For Royal Flash

2018 Time For Royal Flash

Time For Royal Flash – $45,000 2018 AQHA AND APHA sorrel mare Nice Non Pro Derby Horse! Time For Royal...

New Boon Rising

2014 New Boon Rising

New Boon Rising – SOLD! AQHA chestnut gelding GREAT fence horse! New Boon Rising – SOLD! AQHA chestnut gelding Great...