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Bridle Horse is the highest level of western riding.

A finished reined cow horse requires at least seven years to train: three to four years to train the basics in a bosal hackamore, then at least a year carrying both the bosal and the high-ported spade bit (named for the spade-shaped port which was from 1-3″ high) to help the horse learn how to carry the bit, then several years refining techniques in the spade until the horse was a “made” reined cow horse. The training could not be done by just any Californio, and reined cow horses were valuable because of the difficulty of training and scarcity.

A finished reined cow horse could be controlled and directed with minute movements of the fingers of the left hand, which hovered above the saddle horn. (Compare to the grazing-bit style of Western riding developed in Texas, where reins are split between the fingers and the hand moves in front of the saddle, controlling the horse by neck reining.) Because of the potential severity of the spade bit, chains added to the ends of the reins to balance the bit in the horse’s mouth, and knotted and braided rawhide reins which prevented the reins from swinging unnecessarily, even at a lope, the “made” reining horse seemed to run, stop, spin and handle a cow on its own, with little communication from its rider.

Platinum Rey

2012 Platinum Rey

Platinum Rey – $45,000 2012 AQHA sorrel gelding Gelding that can do it all; cowhorse, cutting, rope, ranch! 10- year...

Wreckless Rey

2011 Wreckless Rey

Wreckless Rey – $55,000 2011 AQHA bay gelding GRITTY Open, Non Pro OR Youth Bridle Horse! Wreckless Rey – $55,000...

RTR Judge N Jury

2017 RTR Judge N Jury

RTR Judge N Jury – $30,000 2017 AQHA bay gelding Nice Big GORGEOUS moving gelding! RTR Judge N Jury –...

SLN Purrfecto

2015 SLN Purrfecto

SLN Purrfecto – $30,000 2015 AQHA palomino gelding Good Looking Shining Lil Nic gelding! SLN Purrfecto – $30,0002015 AQHA palomino...

Shinee Hot Wheels

2010 Shinee Hot Wheels

Shinee Hot Wheels – SOLD 2010 AQHA bay gelding GREAT Money Earning Non Pro Bridle Horse! Shinee Hot Wheels –...


2016 Quejanaiswild

Quejanaiswild – SOLD 2016 AQHA bay gelding ATHLETIC and READY to show! Quejanaiswild – SOLD 2016 AQHA bay gelding Quejanaiswild...

Ima Wild Feline

2012 Ima Wild Feline

Ima Wild Feline – $32,500 2012 AQHA bay mare SAFE beginner to intermediate Non Pro cow horse! Ima Wild Feline...

Hypnotic Hangten

2015 Hypnotic Hangten

Hypnotic Hangten – $35,000 2015 AQHA bay gelding GREAT, Good Looking Limited Open or Non Pro horse! Hypnotic Hangten –...

Gypsys Got A Gun

2014 Gypsys Got A Gun

Gypsys Got A Gun – $68,000 2014 AQHA gray mare Gorgeous mare who LOVES to show! Gypsys Got A Gun...

New Boon Rising

2014 New Boon Rising

New Boon Rising – SOLD! AQHA chestnut gelding GREAT fence horse! New Boon Rising – SOLD! AQHA chestnut gelding Great...