sale horse – How to?

Time to SELL your cowhorse?

In a perfect world we could keep all of our horses forever. In reality there comes a time when selling a horse is necessary. Inevitably, as a horse owner, at some point you’ll find yourself as a horse seller.


Got Cow Horse? Advertising IDEAS

SALE HORSE Web Listing : $45 Web Listing with:
photos – up to 5 images – great photos make a difference! We’ll help you choose the best if you can’t decide! We can help you showcase your horse with a great photo! (size used: 650px x 400px)
If you need help taking photos: Kat Rodgers Photography – Sale Horse Photography 101
video links – to as many good ones as you have up on You Tube, your web site, etc
pedigree – 3 generation pedigree
accomplishments – LTE if the horse is showing or has been shown, description of your horse from trainer, any info you feel is important about your horse that will help sell him
black type – sire & dam info; his earnings, offspring earnings, offspring, if you don’t have it, we’ll look for it
– if you don’t have it, we’ll look for as much information as available
facebook share link – another way to help get the word out there about your horse
link to your web site – bring more traffic to your web page, and to your ranch.

E Mail Blaster : $150 – Ads in an instant!

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Great for the upcoming sales- let the cow horse market know what you will be selling.

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Showcase Your Sale Horse – have your sale horse be the first thing people see when they come to
– includes link to your Sale Horse listing


What you need to sell your horse:

1. Make Horse Showroom Ready –

Clean him up so that the potential buyers see him at his best.

2. Take Great Photos –

Getting a standout photo is top priority when marketing a horse. You have a moment to capture someone’s attention. Do it with photos that show that horse’s ‘spark.’

Photos need to show your horse’s conformation and build.  Three photos you need: An attractive and expressive headshot, with the horse’s ears up and looking alert; side body conformation shot and a movement photo – working, loping, troting.

Sale Horse Photography CHEAT Sheet!

3. Get an Impressive Video –

A photo can capture a potential buyer’s attention. But a video can show off the horse’s gaits and training. A video frequently will help you seal the deal.

4. Write a Concise and Accurate Description of the Horse –

A great photo WILL catch a buyer’s attention. The video takes the interest a step further.  Complete the picture with an honest assessment of the horse.   Make sure to include, his breeding, personality, training, show record and potential.

Where to get your horses earnings –

Robin Glenn Pedigrees
AQHA Records Research
NRCHA online research